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LIVE Education

Have you been digging around seeking out a specific topic for education? Do you spend more time looking than actually attending? 

Well, do I have some great news for you! You can curate your own content in BOND Academy! You and 5 coworkers can choose your personalized and customized content for 2 days with Suzie in North Carolina. There are only 3 dates this year for this amazing opportunity! Here are some of the details:

Class is Monday 10am - 5pm and Tuesday 10am - 3pm (allowing for travel) 

All travel is on your own. Suzie will help you with recommendations.

All product, mannequins, tools, & workbooks will be provided

Lunch will be provided for both class days

Your Experience can include:

  • Haircolor Theory + Techniques

  • Lightener Theory + Techniques

  • Highlighting Methodology + Technques

  • Business Development

  • Coaching Development

  • Finishing Behind the Chair

A virtual consultation will help in the planning of your perfect experience



2022 BOND Academy Schedule
We are so excited to offer both ONLINE and IN PERSON Education this year!

All Classes will be an integrative Experience where we all will participate no matter the platform. 


Let's explore the Virtual World of Education:

Join Suzie VIRTUALLY through a private Zoom Link where we will focus on building your Business Acumen. Each class will include specific information based on your business model and level of experience. Your participation is the key to your experience.

  • Each class will be 3.5 hours long with breaks build in running 12 Noon - 3:30PM Eastern Standard Time

  • You will receive a confirmation link with all needs for the class within 7 days of purchasing registration

  • 3 Days prior to your class, you will receive a link to the class

  • You will be responsible for any hands on products, tools, and mannequins

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