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Introducing Metal Detox

Surprises are fun, except when it comes to hair color.

The problem: everyone has metals in their hair.

The cause: metals erode in our pipes, mixing with our water and ultimately accumulating inside the hair fiber.

The consequences: When metal particles mix with hair color oxidants a negative reaction occurs which leads to unreliable color results and risk of breakage during color, balayage and lightening services.

The solution: Metal Detox.

We Pro-guarantee your color, balayage and lightening services with:

• 87% less breakage

• 100% reliable color

• 93% more durable results

Metal Detox’s patented technology, glicoamine, is the only active agent small enough to trap & neutralize metals inside the hair fiber. This helps to prevent metals from interacting with oxidants, resulting in less breakage and more predictable color results.

With no extra time added to your service, you can have a result truer to swatch and healthier hair.

Take Metal Detox Care home with you to protect your hair from future metal deposits.

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